Becoming The Mompreneur Boutique


The story behind our why started 20 years ago, when a stay at home mom paved the way for the term "mompreneur".  She did this before it was trendy to be a "boss babe", "hustling momma" or "mompreneur".  It was simple, she saw the birth of internet shopping, most notably eBay and realized that she had access to goods that would turn a profit selling on the eBay platform.  That stay at home mom grew a business over 20 years into one that now sells on 3 major marketplace platforms as well as a retail store front located in Plano, Texas and employs a staff of over 15. 

Great story right?  Well that lady, Diana Kinsey broke down barriers and showed younger generations what is capable when you hustle and pour into your business.  You can empower a community and raise up the next generation.  So that time is now, as the next generation comes up.  A younger generation who are now young mothers, who have big dreams and are hustling.

So now this new generation has a dream to create a place where the fellow moms and women of the world who are hustling, can shop and connect with a community.  We want a place where women can shop for fashions that leave them feeling empowered for the different events in their lives and the day to day moments.