You wore WHAT?

Mornings as a mom are usually rushed and many times it is mom (I) who ends up feeling flustered or looking like an absolute mess. 

But thanks to a solid morning routine, I am left feeling like I have concurred the world all before school carpool, while looking like instagram fashionista.

So of course... I know you are wondering what I wore, and not what the morning routine was.  

Mompreneur Mom Outfit


Of course the morning routine is important part, but the work starts the night before.

  1. All Bags Packed for kid and myself
  2. Coats and anything extra needed for school by the door
  3. Clothes Selected and set by each child's bed.  (They are to getup and get 

Side Note: We have a rule- I DO NOT play games about clothes in the morning.  You wear what you selected the night before and that is final.  This may seem strict, but it creates such a smoother morning.

in the morning, I get up an hour and 15 minutes before my kids get up.  During this time. I accomplish the following:

  1. Make my bed (it creates an instant sense of accomplishment to start the day)
  2. Bible Study/ Prayer Time
  3. Goal Planning
  4. Get Ready (LOVE this quite time to listen to music or a podcast)
  5. BONUS TIME: work on laundry or any other little tasks

Just the simple act of getting ready alone is so peaceful.  

Of course the details on how I styled today, in case you are actually wondering. I layered up a denim shirt with a sweater on top.  Paired with my new favorite legging by Spanx.  Then finished off with my go to- Adidas Sneakers.  The perfect outfit for the mompreneur ready to tackle the business world during the precious school hours. 

Today I had to stop by my husbands work during the middle of the day to drop off something.  The shock on his face when he saw that I was fully dressed with makeup.  I think I actually saw him checking me out, which is a good thing!  Our spouses should always be chasing us.

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