What to Wear When You Work from Home?

We always see the moms working from home in their lounge pants or comfy pajamas.  I always wonder what type of work they do that they can actually work from their beds? (And yes, there may be times when I'm a wee bit jealous.)

Do these comfy cozy moms not have to drive their child to school or walk them to the bus stop? What about conference calls? This reminds me of the video of the man on a business video call in his tie and shirt, then his child runs in...he jumps up to move the child out. And then we see he is in his boxers. Have you seen it?

Are work at home mom's the same? Business on the top, comfort on the bottom.

That brings me to my question in this post...what do you wear when you work from home?

I've worked with a VA who only wore cut off shorts and t-shirts. She chose comfort over style every time. But when she had a video call, she would throw on a different shirt, tousle her hair a bit and jump in. I admired her carefree style, but knew it wasn't me.

Because so much of my work is fashion based, I'm constantly on the go. I am in The Uber Shop some days, meeting with merchandisers others and then running to photoshoots on a regular basis. I definitely love my casual style, but I tend to dress it up a little more with rompers and t-shirt dresses.

So tell me...what do you wear when you work from home? I really want to know! And if you have a particular brand or style you love, share a link below!


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