What do your clothes say about you?

No, seriously, what does your shirt say? I'm not talking about your style...I'm talking about what is written across your t-shirt. Graphic tees are my jam! I wear them with a jacket to work, roll up the sleeves and tackle my yard and yes, I am that mom who shows up at dinner in my favorite t-shirt most days of the week. That's my Mompreneur styles and I LOVE it!

I love having shirts that express my mood, my style, my mindset. And even better than that, I love that my graphic tees go with everything! I dress them up, dress them down. I wear them with leggings, jeans, shorts and even my cute little skirts.

not today pam

Accessories about when you are wearing your favorite t-shirt...wear some big funky earrings, add a hair tie to tighten up the fit, tuck it in or wear it out, there really are no limits. Or if you are like me, you can dress up your mini me just like you and make it a 'twinning' day!

boss lady

We carry a variety of graphic tees for every mompreneur...check them out today by clicking here and let us know your favorite! Take a picture in your favorite t-shirt and tag us...we want to see what your clothes say about you!

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