Thriving Instead of Surviving the Summer while Kids are out of School

The kids are out for summer which leaves me asking, how in the heck am I going to keep up with growing my business while my kids are running around at my feet all day.  Well sister, here are several tips of how to enjoy the summer with your kids, while still crushing those goals you set for your business. 

Plan the Summer NOW

Truthfully I started planning our summer in February, crazy I know.  But that is when summer camp registration opens, and I want my kid in camp and not on a waitlist by waiting later.

Summer camps are a great way for your kids to experience new types of activities.  And summer camp doesn’t have to be away camp, it could be a simple did day camp at a local church or local rec center.  But this time is a great  way to get time to get work done. 

Plan ahead now for back to school tasks or doctors appointments.  Why?  Because if you space it out over the summer, it means you are not left taking off an excessive amount of time while scrambling to get it done at the end of the summer.

Get help

Find a local college student that is home for the summer to help you out a couple day a week.  And after you find one you really like, find a back-up.  But why a back-up may you ask, because you will need one.  This summer we have 3 babysitters we are using to watch our girls.

I preferably like college age because they are a little older and drive.    You may be saying but I can’t afford a babysitter.  I look at it like this.. That basically I can’t afford to not have a babysitter.  If I am neglecting my work, my business looses sales thus lost revenue.  That revenue is what pays my paycheck.  So see the full circle, you can’t afford to neglect your business, get a babysitter.

If hiring a sister just is not in the cards, then swap time with another mom.  It doesn’t even have to be another working mom.  Aa SAHM would also love time to get stuff done kid free, while you want the time to work.

Get up Early

Naturally in the summer I wake earlier due to Mr.Sun rudely awaking me early each morning.  Instead of rolling back over, I get up and start the day.  I do my morning routine and then head to answer emails.  That way if I am home with my kids that day, my team and clients already have answers from me to start their days

Plan Days to be Off

And lastly plan days to just enjoy the day with your kids.  As a mom we only have 18 summers before they go to college.  Make a family summer bucket list of what your family wants to do, then put that into your summer plans (see #1).  By having these built in days, it will help with the mommy guilt.




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