Closet Must Have: Denim Jacket

I'm always looking for ways to dress up and funk up my daily wear outfits. And I found the perfect piece to take my every day outfits to my go everywhere outfits - my blue jean jacket!

Ever looked at your outfit and just knew it was missing something...

  • I love my graphic tees, but sometimes, I just want to dress them up a bit.
  • My tank tops are some of my favorite summer wear, but let's face it, there are just some places you don't wear your tank top.
  • Have you seen those girls wearing the maxi skirts as a dress. Well, my jean jacket just amps up that look just enough for me to call it classy!
  • And, of course, there's always that time you need a jacket that goes with everything!

And this is where I say, the denim jacket is PERFECT!

denim house styles

Levi Strauss is credited with the invention of the denim jacket in the late 1880s. He created it to complement his already favored blue jeans. While this iconic piece was originally designed with cowboys, engineers and minders moving west during the Gold Rush in mind, the durability and variety of styles has quickly made it a runway favorite.

Glamour did a piece highlighting the variety of styles and flavors of our favorite blue jean jacket. (Read the article here.) Who knew a favorite clothing item from my childhood would hold such a favored place in my closet today.

So tell me, are you a fan of the denim jacket? Show us how you wear it? Post it on the gram and tag us!

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